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Once you’ve created your account, verify your identity with a KYC check.


You can browse all the projects on Startfund to gain full background information before choosing the ones you believe in. Doing your due diligence is necessary.


We offer an investment minimum as low as $100, much lower than your typical startup investment, letting you easily diversify across multiple startups.


Wait and see the project you invested in grow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Startfund welcomes anyone who is of legal age (18+) and can meet the legal requirements. As an inclusive and non-discriminatory organization, we also accept people from different backgrounds and levels of investing experience. Our platform embraces individual, institutional, and accredited investors.

Note: Each asset is limited on the platform by the amount invested.
Every fundraising project/company on Startfund will often have to set its own funding goal, which will vary in range, often starting at $100, from which the maximum investment amount will be set. For an investor who invests in a regulated CF offering, the investment can be as low as $2,200, or 5% less than their net worth or annual income, or as high as $107,000. Based on each offering, the current minimum investment amount is as low as $100.

Note: Investing in a startup is risky. Never invest more than you can afford to lose.
Investing on Startfund’s platform is easy.

First of all, register and fill out your basic information. Once you’ve created your account, we suggest filling out your personal information, such as email and contact address, and then verify your identity with a KYC check. This is required to invest in all offerings on Startfund . If you are an accredited investor, we suggest you also verify your account at the same time as well.

Once you have passed the KYC check, you can browse one of the campaigns that you find exciting. Evaluate the offering objectively and take some time to read all the terms and conditions on the assets’ page. You need to do your due diligence is necessary, for example, ask the issuer for clarification on any questions that might confuse you. Make sure you have a full grasp of all the information you might need to help you to make excellent decisions. Also, do not forget to review the risks of the offerings you select.

After making an informed decision, click on the “Invest” button on the asset page. You may find that you are privy to some perks and bonuses when you invest a certain amount. Check the “Perks/Bonus” if those interest you. After that, you will be asked to fill out a short questionnaire before venturing onto the investment page.

Upon entering the investment page, you will be asked to input your preferred investment amount. If your page has a “Perks/Bonus”, you could re-check and consider it, as the offer is optional. When you’re done inputting your investment amount, you would also fill out what you would like to invest as; either as an individual or an entity.

Upon completion of all the required investment information, you need to provide confirmation and acknowledge the acceptance of all terms and conditions. After that, you can view your investment on the investment dashboard.
Once you have selected a payment method, acknowledged the terms, and clicked the "Invest" button (the one on the investing page), your investment will be processed immediately and transferred to an escrow account. If the offering meets the minimum fundraising goal, the funding automatically closes to success. Once the campaigns are completed, all collected investments from the various investors are transferred from the escrow account to the issuer. However, if the investment does not reach its minimum funding goal, your payment will be refunded back through the original payment channel.
You can earn a return if the asset is acquired, generates income, or goes public at a higher price than you invested in it. Your expected return will also depend on the types of the offerings. Therefore, it is essential to review the legal documents and contact the issuer for clarity. However, you should be aware that most startups come with risks, and you can bear the loss if there is a real risk.

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Browse all projects on Startfund and get comprehensive background information before choosing the ones you believe in. Good luck hunting "unicorns".

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